Come out to our range this Saturday, March 31, 2018, for a dual Cowboy & Wild Bunch match, 4 stages of fun! Match fee will be $10 for everyone. Depending on the number of shooters, you may be able to shoot both WB & cowboy if you pay match fees for both. Signup will start at 8 AM CDT, mandatory safety brief will begin at 8:45 AM CDT & lead will go downrange as soon as possible after the safety brief.

Cowboy stages will require 40 revolver, 40 rifle & at least 18 shotgun rounds. Wild bunch will require 105 handgun, 33 rifle & 20 shotgun rounds. Stage descriptions can be downloaded at www.panhandlecattleco.com/downloads/ but may change slightly depending on weather & range conditions.

All SASS rules apply for both cowboy & Wild Bunch. We will be going by the soon-to-be implemented WB rules changes which are outlined in the PS below. We will also have the following exceptions for Wild Bunch:

Firearms may be any uncompensated centerfire 1911, any SASS-legal rifle, 87, 97 or model 12 shotgun (no doubles please – if you need a shotgun, we will have guns available to use). We are also going to offer a revolver category for centerfire revolvers only – speedloaders with 6 rounds may be used.

- Ammunition power factor of 150 will not be required
- Magazines with base pads will be allowed
- 1887 lever action shotguns will be allowed
- Any caliber SASS-legal main match rifle may be used
- Any uncompensated centerfire 1911 may be used, standard length, commander-style or compact
- Any uncompensated centerfire revolver may be used with speed loaders
- Magazines will be loaded with 7 rounds only. Revolver speed loaders may be fully loaded. Revolvers will begin the stage loaded, with hammer down on an empty chamber.
- If you don’t have Wild Bunch leather, we will provide staging tables at each shooting position. Handgun & magazines/speedloaders may be staged if needed

We will have water & Gatorade available at the range, but it would be a good idea to bring soft drinks/water/Gatorade & snacks if you want them. After the match, we will go for lunch at Javier's in Chipley.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at panhandlecattleco@gmail.com. Come out & join us!

Kay Sadeeya

Secretary, Panhandle Cattle Company


Wild Bunch rules changes
These rules are took effect on January 1, 2018. You can download the new WB handbook here:


A short list of changes are as follows: It is not complete but covers the most important ones.

- The rule about "all reloads must be from slidelock" has been ELIMINATED. This allows tactical reloads or if a slidelock fails one may reload without locking it open first.
- Movement with the slide forward has been changed from a SDQ to a MSV IF the chamber is empty. It is still a SDQ if the slide is forward on a live round.
- Removed the MSV for loading a single round by placing it in the chamber and then lowering the slide.
- Removed the MSV for a "tactical reload".
- Removed the MSV for restaging the pistol with the slide forward IF it is empty of live rounds.
- Removed the SDQ for rerstaging the 1911 with a loaded magazine inserted.
- ELIMINATED the pre-stage safety check for the Model 12 shotgun. TO's must still be aware that IF the action doesn't open when tried they MUST stop the shooter immediately and determine if the hammer is cocked. This removes a SDQ penalty.
- Removed the SDQ for dry firing at the loading table.
- ALL 1911 engagements are to be with 7 rounds in the magazine. There are NO MORE 5 round sequences.

These changes are intended to make the sport more shooter friendly and eliminates some rules that were put in place initially to assist shooters who were not familiar with the 1911 from making mistakes.
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Come out to our range this Saturday, March 31, 2018, for a dual Cowboy & Wild Bunch match, 4 stages of fun! Match fee will be $10 for everyone. Depending on the number of shooters, you may be able t...

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PaleWolf Brunelle shared a recent ROC ruling, regarding the loss of safety glasses while shooting a stage:

1) Shooter must STOP (or be stopped) immediately due to the seriousness of the SAFETY issue involved. This would NOT constitute "RO impeding/interference" in handling a shooter's equipment failure; therefore there would be NO GROUNDS for a restart/reshoot. Precedent exists regarding the handling of a suspected "squib" during stage engagement.

2) If the shooter is able to remedy the issue SAFELY, s/he may continue the stage after resolution. An RO should be allowed to "safely assist" the shooter in this case (e.g. retrieve & return dropped safety glasses to the shooter if the shooter has a cocked firearm in hand)

3) If the shooter is unable to SAFELY resolve the situation (e.g. glasses are broken or end up ahead of an active firing line), the shooter would receive a DNF due to inability to continue and complete the stage.

We will cover this during the pre-match safety briefing as well. Thanks.

Hollifer A. Dollar
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Welcome to Panhandle Cattle Company. We are a SASS affiliated Cowboy Action Shooting club based out of Chipley, Florida. Our regular monthly matches are held on the 4th Saturday of each month. You do not need to be a member to come shoot. Heck, you don't even really need all the equipment to come out and try it out. Our posse can help get you outfitted and learned up enough to shoot a match in no time. Come on out and have a great time with us!

Our goals are first to be safe, second to strive for the cowboy way, and third to have the best time of our lives. Peruse our site and come on out to the next shoot. We will do our best to make it the most fun you have ever had!