April Monthly Match Follow Up

What a shoot. The weather was great (a little warm towards the end of the day) and we had 30 shooters. A fantastic day.  I would like to welcome some new shooters.  Welcome to Sand Spur, Sparkleberry Kid, Pit Viper, Owen Banks, Doc Bard Parker, and Morning Glory.  Several were first time shooters and the others were from other clubs.  Welcome to all.  A special welcome to Deadly Sharpshooter for coming up from Gainesville to shoot with us and then do a RO1 and Ro2 class.  That sure makes for a long weekend but he is holding up like a champ.

A vote was taken today at the match and the following club officers were elected:

President —  Desperado Dale
Vice President – – Hollifer A Dollar
Secretary – –  Kay Sadeeya
Treasure – –  Tac Hammer
T.G.  – –    South Pacific
Match Director – –  Mudslide Mike

Congrats to the club officers for 2016.

The cub scouts came out to the match to sell coupon books. The cowboy shooters came through and he sold his books.

A flea market for cowboy shooters was held today and several shooters got some real good deals.

After the match, Deadly Sharpshooter held a RO1 class, the following attended:

Hollifer A Dollar 
Kay Sadeeya
Dal Sackett
Sammy Jo
Tuff Willy
Doc Baard Parker
Morning Glory
Gypsy Rider

After the class, Desperado Dale and Hollifer A Dollar cooked a low county boil. Man, was it good.

The RO2 class will be held tomorrow morning at 9am.

We only had one Clean Match Shooter, congrats to Tuff Willy on that major accomplishment. Desperado Dale was Top Gun.

Several shooters asked about summer dress. In the past we have started that for June, July and August. However, if the weather gets to bad we will relook at those dates.  It was also mentioned that in June we will not have a match on the 4th Saturday because most of our members will be at EOT.  Additional info will be forthcoming.

well, I think that about covers all the news for today, so till our next shoot:

Keep your powder dry and shoot straight

Desperado Dale

4 Replies to “April Monthly Match Follow Up”

  1. Howdy, Dale.

    My name is Ken Hosey, and I live up around Dothan. I’m interested in getting involved with SASS or CAS, and y’all seem to be the nearest bunch. When is your next event?


  2. Glad to hear y’all are still around . My wife and I made it out there a few years back and had a blast. We were SASS members at the time but are no longer involved. I hope we would be welcome to come visit and see what new “traps” you have thought of.
    Thanks for your well done web site.

    1. Yes we are still active. Match date is the 4th Saturday each month – this month it is July 27. Signup starts at 8:00 AM CDT, safety brief is at 8:45 AM CDT. Directions on the main page are correct.

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